Discover Christmas Planet and enter a fairy-tale world!

Step into the realm of fantasy, a magical place where the main characters turn every moment into an adventure. What is Christmas Planet? A full-fledged planet, located in Union Square, the central point around which all the hearts and smiles of the people of Cluj revolve. Christmas Planet is the place in the Universe where Christmas comes every day, the place where fantastic characters live, whose unique concern and joy are, of course, Christmas.

Main Attractions

The attractions of Christmas Planet await you!
Magic comes to life at the Christmas Planet fair. Discover the main attractions.


Santa's House

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Rexy's Stage

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Special Attractions

See Cluj from above in the Panoramic Wheel

Go up in the Panoramic Wheel to see how beautifully the whole city is illuminated for the Holidays. From above, Cluj looks and feels even better. Has the smell of mulled wine reached up there? Can you see Mira, Frim, and Crăciunir from there?

Magic time spins in the Christmas Planet Carousel

Caruselul magic e pregătit pentru start! Cine urcă în caleașcă? Dar pe mașinuță? Căluțul e liber! 3, 2, 1…Start! Un pic din magia copilăriei stă și în acest carusel. Și nu doar de ieri, de azi. Chiar și noi, cei care organizăm acum târgul, ne-am învârtit în carusel în urmă cu 20, 30, 40 de ani!


If we've piqued your curiosity about Crăciunir, know that he is the version of Santa Claus from Christmas Planet. And he's Santa Claus's reliable helper, who is the same, unique in the entire Universe. Crăciunir's specialty is to guess and fulfill everyone's biggest wishes. He has a snow globe from which he extracts people's wishes to fulfill them.

Street Animation with Christmas Planet Characters

Christmas Planet's residents come to life in animations that carry the stories forward, in your imagination.

Listen to Christmas Planet Radio

Enter the link to connect to the frequency of Christmas Planet, which is heard daily in Union Square.

Christmas Planet Newspaper

Find out everything that happens at the Christmas Planet fair by reading all the stories in the newspaper.